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Events | Kick-off meeting of the Task Force for the EIP on Water - (25.9.2012) |

Start: 2012-09-25 10:00:00
End: 2012-09-25 17:00:00
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European Innovation Partnerships, proposed by the Europe 2020 Innovation Union flagship initiative, aim to speed up innovations that contribute to solving societal challenges, enhance Europe's competitiveness and contribute to job creation and economic growth. EIPs help to pool expertise and resources by bringing together public and private actors at EU, national and regional level, combining supply- and demand-side measures.

The overall objective of the EIP on Water is to support and facilitate the development of innovative solutions to deal with the many water related challenges Europe and the world are facing, as well as to support economic growth by bringing such solutions to the market. At the same time, innovations are considered to be an important tool to develop adequate and state of the art European water policy.

The EIP on Water will centre on removing barriers to innovation and connecting the supply and demand sides of water related innovations. The activities of the EIP on Water will be structured around challenges in the areas of urban water management, rural water management and industrial water management, as well as addressing cross cutting themes. The EIP on Water will be based on a multidisciplinary approach, identifying in which areas innovations are needed to develop solutions – research, technology, governance, ICT, financial or others. This approach will ensure a maximum coordination with and use of the activities and outputs of existing European or national initiatives, such as the Joint Programming Initiative on Water, European Technology Platforms, Eco-Innovation Action Plan etc.

The EIP on Water will be driven by a bottom-up approach to identify the priorities for action and to identify the bottlenecks and needs to facilitate innovation.

Anticipated outputs of the EIP on water include:

The EIP on water is expected be fully operational in early 2013 and to start delivering first results within one year.