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Events | Expert Meeting on Ecosystem Valuation in the context of Natural Capital Accounting (24-26.04.2018) |

Presentations (pdf download below)

Tuesday – April 24th

Welcome and introduction

Natural Capital Accounting – Building bridges between policy, welfare economics and accounting
Thomas Graner - Deputy President of the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN)

Aims and structure of the expert meeting - Beyhan Ekinci - BfN, Eduard Interwies - InterSus

Session 1: Setting the scene

SEEA EEA: Framework, revision process and research agenda - Alessandra Alfieri - UNSD

Policy demand and current debate surrounding valuation issues - Salman Hussain - UN Environment and Laure Ledoux – EU DG Environment

Overview of the SEEA Experimental Ecosystem Accounting, with examples from the Netherlands - Sjoerd Schenau, Statistics Netherlands

KIP INCA: The EU Knowledge Innovation Project on an Integrated System for Natural Capital and Ecosystem Services Accounting - Lisa Waselikowski, EUROSTAT

Session 2: The valuation of ecosystem services for accounting

Key issues in the valuation of ecosystem services for ecosystem accounting - Carl Obst – Editor revised SEEA EEA, IDEEA Group

Theoretical developments of the comprehensive (or “green”) national accounting literature - Geir Asheim – University of Oslo

Compatibility between consumer surplus based values and real income - Burkhard Schweppe-Kraft – BfN

Learning from 30 years of non-market valuation - Luke Brander – VU University Amsterdam and University of Hong Kong

Ecosystem services and asset valuation in the RECAMAN project: integrating market and simulated exchange values - Alejandro Caparrós – Spanish National Research Council

Parallel sessions on selected cultural and regulating services

Air filtration - Rocky Harris - Defra, Lars Hein – Wageningen University

Erosion control / sediment retention - Takashi Hayashi – Japan Policy Research Institute, Jane Turpie – University of Cape Town, Summary

Pollination - Alessandra la Notte – EU Joint Research Center. Juha Siikamaki – IUCN/ESAfD

Urban recreation  - David Barton – Norwegian Institute for Nature Research Oslo, Jens Kolbe – Technical University Berlin

Wednesday – April 25th

Parallel sessions on selected cultural and regulating services - continued

Nature-based recreation/tourism , Konstantin Loshadkin - STC "Resources and Consulting, Manuel Woltering - University of Würzburg, Summary

Climate regulation (carbon sequestration and storage)  - Lars Hein - Wageningen University, Peter Elsasser - Thünen Institute

Water Purification by streams and floodplains - Mathias Scholz – Centre for Environmental Research (Germany), Alessandra La Notte – EU Joint Research Center, Jane Turpie – South Africa, Summary

Flood control / water flow regulation - Jesko Hirschfeld - Technical University Berlin , Takashi Hayashi – Japan Policy Research Institute

Session 3: Valuing ecosystem wealth, degradation and/or enhancement

World Bank’s Wealth Accounting - Raffaello Cervigni – World Bank

Inclusive wealth index - Salman Hussain - UN Environment

Valuing Natural Capital in the Context of Ecosystem Based Management - Eli Fenichel - Yale University

A «collectively recognized ecological debt» based on a measure of the cost of ecosystem degradation - Yann Kervinio – Ministry for an Ecological a. Solidary Transition (FRA)

Applying the concept of defensive expenditures to ecosystem degradation and enhancement - Hans Diefenbacher University of Heidelberg

Mexico’s experiences in economic valuation of environment and policies - Raul Figueroa Diaz – National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI)

Thursday – April 26th

Session 3: Valuing ecosystem wealth, degradation and enhancement, continued

Ecosystem wealth, degradation and enhancement in SEEA-EEA - Key issues and including a recap of Day 2 - Carl Obst – Editor revised SEEA EEA, IDEEA Group

The UK-case - projecting future services for ecosystem asset valuation - Rocky Harris - Defra

The corporate natural capital account framework- distinguishing assets and liabilities - Will Evison PricewaterhouseCoopers/Natural Capital Coalition

Parallel Sessions: 4 to 6 groups.

2 primary alternative approaches to valuation of ecosystem assets, namely the present value of future benefit flows and restoration cost-based approaches.

Group 1

Group 2

challenges and solutions to    measuring the present value of ecosystem assets.

Group 1

Group 2

Session 4: Policy, science, accounting and business interface

Leading question

Session 5: Conclusions and way forward

Closing remarks

group photo - excursion