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Founded in April 2010, Fresh Thoughts Consulting GmbH is an independent and forward-thinking policy consultancy based in Europe, providing expertise, novel ideas and resources to support decision-making and the implementation of environmental policies. We link science to policy and governance by emphasising the integration of knowledge and expertise, covering various fields and levels of decision-making. Acknowledging the interrelated nature of current-day environmental challenges and issues, we seek to integrate environmental issues into connected topics, addressing societal issues, involving stakeholders and managing risks.

We keep the finger on the pulse of our core policy areas: freshwater and marine management, adaptation to climate change and agriculture. Our experienced team is well-informed of the policy and science developments in our areas of expertise and is highly motivated to provide high quality products and services flexibly, serving the needs and expectations of our customers (even within limited timeframes).

We provide reliable and timely delivery of policy assessments and recommendations, environmental plan and strategy  development (e.g. water and marine, climate change adaptation), knowledge management and services including online solutions and database development, economic and statistical assessments as well as knowledge-based helpdesk services. Furthermore, we offer event organisation and management services for both small and large-scale events, such as workshops, trainings, study trips and conferences.

Our clients are public administrations, private organisations and companies, as well as non-governmental sector organisations at international, European, national, regional and local levels.

Always open to new challenges and curious about change and developments, we follow Francis Picabia: "Our heads are round so that our thinking can change directions."

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Thomas Dworak (Director)