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Fresh Thoughts


We provide expertise, novel ideas and resources to support decision-making and the implementation of environmental policies. We link science to policy and governance by emphasising the integration of knowledge and expertise, covering various fields and levels of decision-making.

what we do

We keep the finger on the pulse of our core policy areas: freshwater and marine management, adaptation to climate change, agriculture, environmental economics and sustainable tourism and sport. Our experienced team is well-informed of the policy and science developments in our areas of expertise and is highly motivated to provide high-quality products and services flexibly.

We provide reliable and timely delivery of policy assessments and recommendations, environmental plan and strategy development, knowledge management and services including online solutions and database development, economic and statistical assessments as well as knowledge-based helpdesk services.

We offer event organisation and management services for small and large-scale on-site and online events, such as workshops, trainings, study trips and conferences.







our team

Our experienced team is well-informed of the policy and science developments in our areas of expertise and is highly motivated.

we offer

  • Support for network activities to establish a science-policy interface
  • Development of River Basin Management Plans, Program of measures under the Marine Strategic Framework Directive and Flood Risk Management plans
  • Development of Climate change adaptation strategies from the local (e.g. urban) to the national and international/transboundary level
  • Support to the development of national and regional policies on freshwater and marine management, adaptation to climate change and agriculture
  • Policy evaluation
  • The development of implementation guidelines for policy makers and practitioners
  • Training on environmental legislations for policy makers and practitioners, including workshops and study trips
  • Environmental, social and economic impact assessments of policies, plans and large scale projects
  • Environmental project evaluation
  • EU wide and international comparisons about the implementation of EU environmental, agricultural, sustainable development and climate change adaptation policies

get support for your next event

Conversation and communication is about exchanging thoughts.
Conferences are among the most effective channels for interpersonal exchanges of
knowledge, opinions, experience and philosophies.

Along with conferences, we organize
on-site and online workshops, seminars, kick-off events, study visits and field trips worldwide, etc.
Our conference portfolio includes:

Financial Management
Participant lists

Online Registration
Event Website
Organisation of on-site, hybrid and online events
Venue booking

Staff Management
Hotel reservations
Green Events
Social Media

List of events
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