Teresa Geidel

Teresa Geidel

Teresa Geidel works in the field of water and environmental governance for Fresh Thoughts since 2020. She is involved in different fields of environmental science and policymaking, and any project related to freshwater (management). Currently, she is working on a number of projects, ranging from a tool to identify maladaptation in the planning phase to studying institutional set-ups for nexus governance or understanding what enables and hinders river restoration measures in the Danube Basin. 

Teresa holds an MA in Public Policy with a focus on Governance from the Central European University, Budapest and a bachelor’s degree in integrated environmental science (Renewable Energy Technology and Policy) from Jacobs University Bremen. In both her Bachelor’s and Master’s theses she conducted empirical research to better understand why sales of (single-use) bottled water are increasing in Germany despite the good quality of tap water and what role the deposit system may play.
Her interest in water-related topics was sparked during an internship on the Seelabor Plattform on Lake Stechlin and took shape in various papers for university and participation in additional online courses in transboundary water management and water integrity. 

Before joining Fresh Thoughts, Teresa’s projects concerned water quality assurance in decentralised water supply systems as a student consultant for IHE Delft. 

As a working student, she has worked for various organisations on stakeholder engagement and policy analysis in the areas of decarbonisation, renewable energies, marine governance, and tap water advocacy. In the past few years, she has spent a lot of her free time organising and analysing public participation processes and citizen science projects. 

associated projects

Baseline study for the implementation of lighthouses of Mission ‘Restore our ocean and waters by 2030’
Climate Change policy update
Dialogue Forum on Sustainable Sport 2023
European Drought Observatory
Framework Partnership Agreement concerning the European Topic Centre on Biodiversity and Ecosystems 2023-2026
Independent Review of Water Projects
Independent Review of Water Sourcing and Saving in Fruit and Vegetable Production
Innovative tools and solutions for governing the water-energy-food-ecosystems NEXUS under global change (GoNEXUS)
MIP4ADAPT – Building the Implementation Platform for the Climate Adaptation Mission
Mission ocean, seas and waters implementation support platform
Public participation in the National Water Strategy
Resilience Strategies for Regions (REGILIENCE)
Review of existing flood management policies and enabling environments, conducting institutional capacity assessment with gap analyses and develop basin FRM polices – Drin
Revision and update of the national strategy on adaptation to climate change in Cyprus and Slovakia
Risk-based practice- and market-oriented action plan to exclude illegal water use in agricultural supply chains of a German food retailer
Support for the climate check of the programme of measures and for the economic analysis within the framework of the 3rd implementation cycle for the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
Sustainable Hydropower Use and Integration in China and EU
Water for the Green Deal
Water Strategy Germany


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