Water for the Green Deal

Water for the Green Deal

In December 2019, the Commission set out a European Green Deal for the European Union (EU) and its citizens – a new growth strategy for the EU supporting the EU’s transition to a just and prosperous society that responds to the challenges of climate change and environmental degradation and improves the quality of life of current and future generations.

The objective of the Framework contract resulting from this call for tenders is to provide services to the European Commission in the following:

(1) To provide multilingual, confidential, independent, impartial, timely, and quality-assured work and advice on scientific (environmental and health-related), socioeconomic, economic, and technical issues relevant to the above-mentioned Directives;

(2) To provide technical assistance for in-depth assessments of the implementation of the above-mentioned Directives in the EU Member States on selected issues linked to specific needs;

(3) To provide technical assistance to assess information on responses to legal non-compliance cases, initiated by the Commission, but occasionally in response to a citizen’s complaint, an EP Petition, etc.;

(4) To provide technical assistance in evaluating the suitability of existing Directives and impact assessments as well as supporting possible future non-legislative and legislative follow-up, including through the organisation of consultation activities and analysis of responses;

(5) To organise and contribute to workshops/meetings/conferences and prepare supporting documents and reports, as well as support communication activities/products.






European Commission, DG Environment

geographic scope:



Thomas Dworak
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