MIP4ADAPT – Building the Implementation Platform for the Climate Adaptation Mission

MIP4ADAPT – Building the Implementation Platform for the Climate Adaptation Mission

The Mission on Adaptation to Climate Change focuses on supporting EU regions, cities and local authorities in their efforts to build resilience against the impacts of climate change. The Mission Implementation Platform (MIP4Adapt) is its operational facility to support European regional and local authorities in preparing and planning their adaptation pathways to climate resilience by:

  1. Facilitating a Community of Practice to share knowledge, experiences, and good practices, and to promote coordination and collaboration amongst its members. These include regional and local authorities that are Charter Signatories, Friends of the Mission, Mission Projects and other relevant EU-funded projects, and national authorities (including National Contact Points).
  2. Facilitating the alignment of relevant EU-funded projects with the work of MIP4Adapt, identifying synergies and complementarities that help to ensure the coherence of European support to regional and local authorities regarding climate adaptation planning.
  3. Presenting on Climate-ADAPT, in collaboration with the EEA, guidance, tools, data and relevant projects, which all regional or local authorities can draw upon in preparing and planning for climate resilience.
  4. Providing tailored technical assistance to regional and local authorities to help them to:
    • Use their climate vulnerability and risk assessments to develop adaptation plans and to fund and implement climate adaptation solutions
    • Identify demonstration projects on climate adaptation and access funding and financing for their implementation
    • Engage and mobilise citizens and stakeholders.
  1. Providing a helpdesk function for their climate adaptation planning.
  2. Communicating about the Mission, encouraging their active support and disseminating details of relevant news, events and training courses open to everyone.
  3. Organising an annual Mission Forum flagship event with a wide range of relevant actors to take stock of the Mission’s progress and to exchange views on its direction.
  4. Monitoring, reporting on and evaluating the progress of the Mission, participating regions, local authorities and communities, and the Mission Projects.

FT supports all of these tasks.

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