Nuria Hernández-Mora

Nuria Hernández-Mora

Nuria Hernández-Mora is a Spanish senior water policy expert. She has a PhD in Geography from the University of Seville (Spain, 2015) and MS degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (2001) and Cornell University (1995) in natural resources policy and administration. She has over 25 years of experience in research, consulting and project management on water policy and governance analysis, water planning, water scarcity and droughts, public participation and co-production processes, transparency in water management, water markets, urban water management and the human right to water. She has worked with non-profit organisations, universities and research institutions, as well as, local, regional and national administrations, the European Commission and the World Bank. She has excellent communication and writing skills, having published over 100 academic papers, book chapters, technical reports and media articles related to different aspects of water governance, and is an experienced public speaker and facilitator.


associated projects

Revision and update of the national strategy on adaptation to climate change in Cyprus and Slovakia
Risk-based practice- and market-oriented action plan to exclude illegal water use in agricultural supply chains of a German food retailer
Support the Commission in the implementation of international water cooperation


Associate - senior policy expert water
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