Tehran Knowledge Days

Tehran Knowledge Days

1st  Tehran-Meeting of the global Knowledge for Development Partnership – K4DP

2 July 2018, Khatam University

Tehran´s industry has a huge potential when based on innovative technologies and international knowledge partnerships. Sectors like water, energy, mining, gas & oil specifically in the water sector, new technologies and knowledge partnerships can boost development and environmental protection. Challenges and opportunities, as well as new approaches and initiatives, are discussed and co-created with a focus on water knowledge.

3-4 July 2018

KM Essentials Training Course

The Knowledge Management Essentials Training Course provides the big picture of Knowledge, Innovation & Learning Management and gives a solid introduction to the key concepts, successful practices and powerful instruments. Participants learn how to assess KM practices systematically, develop a KM strategy and implement them step-by-step including a successful KM Awareness programme. Different KM training elements, exercises and discussions that aim to allow participants to co-create knowledge are key elements of this fundamental KM Training course.

The programme can be downloaded here (pdf)


02.07.2018 - 04.07.2018


9:00 - 17:00



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