Blueprint to Safeguard Europe’s Water Resources

Blueprint to Safeguard Europe’s Water Resources

This project supported the impact assessment of the Blueprint by bringing together the output of the River Basin Management Plan Assessment, the Water Scarcity and Droughts Policy Review, and the Fitness Check by conducting cross-cutting analyses and linking previous studies and research projects. The main objective was to develop policy options in 7 key areas: land management, economic incentives, targets for water resources, governance, innovation, knowledge and the global dimension. The project work took a three-step approach: an analysis of the main problems and the development of a baseline along the key issues; the identification of possible policy options; and finally, an impact assessment of the options. Fresh Thoughts supported the project by leading the task on problem analysis and baseline scenario development and was the lead in land management.


Freshwater Management






European Commission, DG Environment

geographic scope:



Thomas Dworak
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