Diffuse Pollution Bulgaria

Diffuse Pollution Bulgaria

The development objective of this assignment is to support the Government of Bulgaria in developing the River Basin Management Plans (RBMP) and Flood Risk Management Plans (FRMP) necessary to ensure a water-secure future for the people, economy, and environment of Bulgaria and to fulfill the EU water legislation requirements.

The specific objective of this TOR is to support the Bulgarian Government to address the challenges in the preparation for the 3rd cycle of RBMP. Tangible improvement has been made between the first and the second cycle of RBMPs, nevertheless, gaps are remaining in several fields: monitoring, water bodies classification, inter-calibration, biological status, chemical status, hydromorphology, etc. These gaps are existing, sometimes differently, in each of the 4 River Basin Directorates (RBD) in charge of preparing the RBMPs. A gap analysis will be undertaken to precisely identify and quantify these gaps and to propose a way to fill them partially or fully. The gap analysis will be conducted by using three main sources of information:

  • Gaps identified;
  • Gaps identified by the Commission evaluation report and
  • Gaps were identified thanks to experts in the country.


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Thomas Dworak