Natural Water Retention Measures in the Danube region

Natural Water Retention Measures in the Danube region

This contract supported the ICDPR in drafting a short guide on potential synergies and conflicts in the implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive and the EU Floods Directive. The guide included the following:

  • Brief outline of the legal background (WFD and FD) and the relation between them, including synergies and potential conflicts.
  • A database of measures to improve river hydromorphology, avoid new risks and reduce existing risks caused by floods (e.g. natural water retention measures, hard defence measures). The database included a qualitative assessment of the mutual impacts of measures on WFD quality elements (e.g. physico-chemical QE, biological QE, hydromorphological QE, chemistry) and flood risk mitigation.

The guide was presented at the following meetings:

  • 15th ICPDR Hydromorphology Task Group Meeting, 22 September 2015, Vienna;
  • 28th ICPDR Flood Protection Expert Group Meeting, 14-15 October 2015, Budapest;
  • Workshop on sustainable flood risk management and linkage to WFD, 11-12 November 2015, Zagreb.


Freshwater Management






International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River (ICPDR)

geographic scope:

EU-28, Danube river basin, Austria


Thomas Dworak
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