Water & Sanitation knowledge networks and innovation in Bolivia

Water & Sanitation knowledge networks and innovation in Bolivia

CIMAS (Knowledge and Innovation Networks for the Environment, Water and Sanitation) is a program of the Bolivian Ministry for the Environment and Water with the support of the European Union and the Spanish Aid Agency AECID. It ran for two years (2015-2016) with a budget of €2 million and aims to foster an integrated approach and the sustainability of public water policies and governmental services. For the mentioned timeframe, the programme covers 4 main work packages aimed to (1) strengthen the institutional capacity of the Ministry; (2) promote training and capacity building; (3) create innovation networks and (4) communicate the key issues.

Fresh Thoughts Consulting was engaged by the Fundación ECODES (http://www.ecodes.org/) and AECID (http://www.aecid.es/EN) to participate in late 2014 in a short-term assignment to draft the detailed Terms of Reference and Initial Workplan of the program; which was done based on interviews held with the major stakeholders and donors.


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Fundación Ecología y Desarrollo, Spain

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