Assessing Water Framework Directive Pressures and Measures

Assessing Water Framework Directive Pressures and Measures

In 2010, the European Parliament announced that it would make €1.5 million available for a “top-down” assessment of the RBMPs to carry out a more in-depth analysis of certain identified subjects including governance, development of methodologies, integration in the WFD programme of measures, and economic aspects and integration. The outcome of this assessment supported the 2012 Blueprint to Safeguard Europe’s Waters. The Study Contract had the following objectives:

  • To gather, in a structured way, information on various elements related to river basin management.
  • To analyse and compare the collected information in order to provide conclusions at the European level

FT covered the following tasks:

  • Assessment of international River Basin coordination mechanisms in place, their effectiveness, the coherence between national and international RBMPs as well as the additional value of international RBMPs (lead);
  • Support to the assessment of national administration mechanism in pace to implement the WFD;
  • Support to the further development and update of the existing Catalogue of Measures for agriculture. The sub-ta fed into the impact assessment for the Blueprint by providing more detailed information on the measures implemented in RBMPs and an analysis of measure effectiveness for selected measures. The task was linked to the screening of the river basin management plans (RBMPs). Finally, the sub-task supported the mandate of the River Basin Network (RBN) until the end of March 2012.


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