Nexus Gaza

Nexus Gaza

Population growth, economic development and climate change, energy, water, land and human resources are increasingly under pressure in the Gaza Strip to support societal development and to maintain necessary services. Decision-makers need improved tools in order to be better informed about synergies between different development and management choices and to help them identify options on how to sustainably manage resources.

The ultimate goal of this assessment was to study and provide recommendations for an integrated nexus strategy by the Government of Palestine to address the challenges of climate change, poverty, and gender equality. The work analysed the water, agriculture and energy systems through their intersection with each other in order to inform nexus-related responses in terms of strategies, policy measures, planning and institutional set-up or interventions.

The strategy was led by the Palestinian Water Authority, with the Ministry of Agricultura and the Palestinian Energy and Natural Resources Authority participating in the Steering Committee; and was funded by the Austrian Development Agency.






Engineering, Management and Infrastructure Consultants (Enfra Consultants)

geographic scope:

Palestine, Gaza strip


Guido Schmidt