Support in the implementation of the Urban Agenda

Support in the implementation of the Urban Agenda

In order to realise the full potential of the European Union and deliver on its strategic objectives, the Urban Agenda for the EU strives to involve Urban Authorities in achieving Better Regulation, Better Funding and Better Knowledge (knowledge base and exchange). Political support to develop the Urban Agenda for the EU was provided by the ministers responsible for Urban Matters in order to contribute to balanced territorial and sustainable development and to achieve common European goals. The Urban Agenda for the EU identified 12 Priority Themes for which Partnerships were set up.

FT supported the partnership in drafting an action plan based on the inputs provided by the Working Groups. In particular, FT collated the actions drafted by the groups and ensured consistency between actions and the other action plans of the Urban agenda avoiding overlapping, duplications and contradictions.


Adaption to climate change






European Commission, DG REGIO

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Linda Romanovska
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