TMN Climate Workshop

TMN Climate Workshop

With the project “Tackling Climate Change – Adaptation Strategies for Tourism in Lower Saxony“, TourismusMarketing Niedersachsen GmbH (TMN) has initiated a forward-looking process that prepares the tourism industry for climate change and its consequences. The project results make it clear: Climate change has arrived in Lower Saxony and is already influencing tourism.

Therefore, it is now important to apply the knowledge and tools from the TMN project to further advance the adaptation of tourism to the consequences of climate change on a regional level. In order to support travel regions and tourism managers in this challenging path in the best possible way, the TMN is planning a follow-up project for 2023 under the working title “TMN Climate Workshop”. The project aims to further strengthen tourism against the impact of climate change. In the project, building on the regional climate risk analyses, the tools and assistance developed in the project are to be used. The project aims to support regional tourism stakeholders in planning and implementing pilot project ideas and climate adaptation measures at the regional level. FT is supporting these workshops by providing knowledge on climate adaptation






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