Support to ECOSTAT Nutrients Workshop

Support to ECOSTAT Nutrients Workshop

This contract supported the ECOSTAT Working Group under the WFD CIS process. For the Working Group’s meeting in November 2015, a report on nutrient boundaries in transitional, coastal and marine waters in the EU was developed. MS focal points were contacted to submit written answers to a Questionnaire distributed in the Working Group regarding the methods for setting nutrient boundaries and to submit data on the nutrient boundaries set for the parameters (Total Nitrogen, Total Phosphorus, Nitrate, Phosphate and DIN). The data was analysed for each regional sea to determine which nutrients were assessed, when and how (mean, median, 90th percentile, etc.).

The MS questionnaires were analysed for details of the methodologies used to set nutrient boundaries – historical data, modelling, expert judgement, etc. – and how pressure-response relationships were considered.  In addition, the contract supported the organisation of the November 2015 workshop on nutrient boundaries in fresh and saline water in the EU. An issue paper (background document) was prepared for the workshop, highlighting the analysis and drawing conclusions on setting nutrient boundaries in saline waters.

The contract helped to develop the workshop programme and the questions for the discussion. Conference management support was also provided, regarding setting up a conference registration website with relevant information about the event, supporting participants with questions, coordinating the catering and the technical audio team at the venue and in planning the social event for participants. After the workshop, a conference document was produced based on the minutes of the plenary and working group discussions.

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