UNECE Workshops Transboundary Flood Risk Management II

UNECE Workshops Transboundary Flood Risk Management II

The main advantages of transboundary cooperation are that it broadens the knowledge/information base, enlarges the set of available strategies, and enables better and more cost-effective solutions. In addition, expanding the geographical area considered by basin planning makes it possible to locate measures where they have the greatest impact. Moreover, flood forecasting and disaster management are highly dependent on early information exchange and require forecast data from the entire river basin. To this end, a workshop on transboundary flood risk management was held in Geneva from 19-20 March 2015 to bring together professionals from all over the world involved in transboundary flood risk management and to provide a platform for sharing experiences on the latest developments and the progress made in the transboundary case studies since the 2009 Workshop.

Fresh Thoughts supported the workshop by liaising with selected participants to present case studies at the workshop, preparing a background document on transboundary flood risk management for the workshop and writing a final report based on the lessons learnt from the case studies presented, highlighting relevant problems and successful strategies for transboundary flood risk management.


Freshwater Management






German Environment Agency (UBA), Germany

geographic scope:

Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands


Thomas Dworak
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