Water Framework Directive and Hydropower

Water Framework Directive and Hydropower

The 2nd European CIS workshop on Water Management, WFD & Hydropower was held to exchange information and experiences gained on hydropower development under the Water Framework Directive. As part of the project, a questionnaire on the options and tools available to implement measures designed to improve good ecological status (GES) or good ecological potential (GEP) was developed and sent to the Member States. Additionally, strategic planning tools were reviewed at a catchment level to identify “appropriate”, “more appropriate” and “most appropriate” areas for new hydropower plants. Finally, the Member States were asked to provide input regarding the implementation of Article 4.7. Fresh Thoughts helped to evaluate the questionnaires and prepare the background document for the workshop.


Freshwater Management






Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection (BMUV), Germany

geographic scope:

Germany, EU-27


Thomas Dworak
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