Adaptation to Climate Change in the Pyrenees

Adaptation to Climate Change in the Pyrenees

The main objective of the study “Adaptation to climate change in the Pyrenees” was to identify and analyse the measures and adaptation strategies to climate change most relevant in the Pyrenees and at the European level, as well as to promote these experiences to support the dissemination of good practices across the Pyrenees.
The main tasks of the project were to:

  • Identify the impacts and challenges of climate change in the Pyrenees to assess the vulnerability of the territory.
  • List and analyse adaptation strategies for the Pyrenean region that could be particularly successful and effective;
  • List strategies for adaptation from other European regions particularly relevant and reproducible in the Pyrenees;
  • Develop materials and tools to help local players in the Pyrenean territory contribute to planning climate change adaptation measures.

Overall, the study helped mobilize stakeholders, decision-makers and territory-elected representatives around the issue of climate change and adaptation. It contributed to the emergence, strengthening and implementation of coordinated and consistent operational initiatives for climate change adaptation in the medium term. Fresh Thoughts supported the project by bringing in the international dimension and transferring best practice adaptation measures from other mountain regions to the Pyrenees.


Adaption to climate change






Region Midi–Pyrenees DAJ-Service des Marchés Publics, France

geographic scope:

France, Spain


Thomas Dworak


Linda Romanovska
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