Gap analysis of the EU policy on water scarcity & droughts

Gap analysis of the EU policy on water scarcity & droughts

The study synthesised knowledge on water scarcity & droughts in the EU to provide input to the “Blueprint to Safeguard Europe’s Water”. The project used existing and on-going studies and research activities, data collected by inter-alia EEA, Eurostat and JRC, experiences from implementing the 2007 Communication in Member States as well as on-going stakeholder activities to identify gaps in efforts to combat WS&D within the Member States.

The specific objectives of the project were to: (1) Provide an overview of the current scale of the WS&D problem in Europe up to 2030 accounting for climate change; (2) Identify and assess the adequacy of existing measures to prevent, manage or mitigate WS&D situations in Member States (national, river basin district and river basin level); (3) Identify gaps and suggest new measures or a mix of measures to tackle WS&D issues in the EU; and (4) Assess the environmental, economic and social impact as well as the feasibility of the proposed measures.

Fresh Thoughts was the task lead on policy recommendations and supported the team in developing the database of measures and in analysing the gaps.






European Commission, DG Climate Action

geographic scope:



Thomas Dworak
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