Benefits in policy making

Benefits in policy making

The project investigated the use and assessment of information on environmental benefits as a basis for the development and implementation of environmental policy in the Netherlands. The main outcome of the project was an inventory of the types of tools employed across the selected case studies to inform policy decisions in different environmental media (e.g. water, air, climate…) and the data sources needed to undertake such assessments.

This study aimed to help the Dutch Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management in preparing policy documents in its domain, e.g. for discussions related to flood protection, the EU Water Framework Directive, and the EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive. In addition, it was used in discussions with other ministries to determine one national framework on how to deal with these benefits (e.g. in the context of compensation payments to agriculture) that are important but difficult to include in policy analyses concerning environmental measures.


Environmental Economics






RWS-Waterdienst, Netherlands

geographic scope:

Netherlands, EU-27


Thomas Dworak
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