Climate Sensitive Flood Management in the Lower Mekong Basin

Climate Sensitive Flood Management in the Lower Mekong Basin

Floods are essential events that determine the natural characteristics of an aquatic environment and its connected wetlands, as well as ensure a functioning ecology. Hence, the occurrence of flood events is a pre-requisite for a sustainable and healthy riverine structure and habitats for flora and fauna. However, flood events can severely impact the anthropogenic environment and structures and cause economic damages and fatalities.
The objective of the project was to organise a workshop on flood risk management for the Mekong River Commission. Specific tasks included:

  • Outlining the scope, aims and outcomes of an exchange workshop regarding flood management in the Lower Mekong Basin and Germany/Austria in a concept note;
  • Reviewing the status of existing flood management policies and practices in the Mekong River Commission Member Countries and in Germany/Austria and present a comprehensive overview in a background document;
  • Supporting the GIZ on the technical organisation of the planned workshop including the identification of potential speakers and case studies;
  • Preparing the workshop agenda and providing effective pre, during and post workshop facilitation; and
  • Developing a workshop report.






German Development Agency (GIZ), Germany

geographic scope:

Lower Mekong Basin, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Kambodscha, Austria, Germany


Thomas Dworak


Linda Romanovska
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