Online talk: Climate change adaptation in urban tourism

Online talk: Climate change adaptation in urban tourism

In the second annual dialogue of the series “Consequences of Climate Change for Tourism”, the Bavarian Centre for Tourism discussed the effects of climate change on urban tourism with experts – networking and joint action are required.

“Climate change poses new challenges for many areas of tourism, but it also offers great opportunities, especially for rural areas, as it will lead to changes in guest behaviour. The flight from overheated cities will increase,” Thomas Dworak – Director at Fresh Thoughts Consulting.

Director, Thomas Dworak, spoke about challenges and opportunities for urban tourism, the behavioural change of the younger generation in tourism and that climate protection is a global issue; climate adaptation, on the other hand, is a local issue that is also of high importance for the inhabitants.

The common consensus of the participants: Networking and the active role of tourism organisations (DMOs) are elementary for the future of urban tourism and urban development regarding climate change.






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Thomas Dworak
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