Water Stewardship in Spain

Water Stewardship in Spain

The Courtauld Commitment on water (https://wrap.org.uk/taking-action/food-drink/initiatives/courtauld-commitment) set a target that 50% of fresh food in the UK should be sourced from areas with sustainable water management by 2030. Fresh-Thoughts Consulting GmbH designed an action plan for companies in the UK food and drink sector to take joint action against water risks in Spain and achieve the set target. Although the Water Framework Directive has already been in force for 20 years, key sourcing areas of the UK food and drink sector overlap with areas where water management is unsustainable and where the agricultural supply chain places significant pressure on freshwater ecosystems. This initiative offered an outstanding opportunity for collaborative action to reduce water risk for businesses and at the same time reduce pressures on unique ecosystems in Southern Europe.

Fresh Thoughts assessed the status of freshwater bodies, the pressures on them and their root causes. FT drafted an action plan and identified stakeholders to be engaged in its implementation. The plan itself followed the Alliance for Water Stewardship Standard guidance and particularly built on lessons learnt from previous projects and sought synergies with ongoing initiatives.






Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP)

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