Water scarcity is one of the most critical problems to be faced in the 21st century. Decreasing water availability and increasing water demand are usually associated with a deterioration in the ecological, chemical and quantitative status of surface and groundwater bodies. Ensuring the availability and sustainability of water resources is essential. The project MARCLAIMED aims to integrate Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) with river basin and drought management plans, enhancing the structural supply systems for climate change adaptation and resilience. To reach a high replication potential, the results of MARCLAIMED will be implemented and validated at 3 demo sites in Southern and Western Europe.

FT is involved as a policy partner, analysing legal, policy and institutional aspects to support decision-makers and end users in raising awareness and trust in the application of MAR. FT leads task 3.5 “Improvement of the policy and regulatory framework for MAR with AWR at EU level“ and the respective deliverable “Recommendations for the policy and regulatory framework”. Further, FT contributes to the dissemination and communication of the project (work package 6).







European Research Executive Agency (REA)

geographic scope:



Guido Schmidt
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