Climate change and tourism in Germany

Climate change and tourism in Germany

The project identified the impact of climate change on the tourism sector in Germany and possible adaptation mechanisms. This included an analysis of existing climatic data, a vulnerability assessment and a collection of adaptation options as well as the strong involvement of relevant stakeholders to achieve sustainable tourism in changing climatic conditions in the future.

The key questions of the project were:

  • What are the impacts of regional climatic changes on tourism destinations in Germany and to what extent will these destinations be impacted?
  • Which adaptation measures are relevant for the tourism sector and how can these measures be evaluated taking into account ecologic and economic criteria?
  • To what extent do existing funding options support the implementation of climate change adaptation measures?

FT covered the following tasks:

  • Project coordination and management.
  • Organisation of stakeholder workshops including a final conference.
  • Development of adaptation guidelines for the tourism sector.
  • Elaboration of possible funding programs for adaptation measures including recommendations.
  • Press relations.
  • Preparation of brochures and maintenance of the project website.

In addition, FT gave a presentation at the digital networking forum „Nachhaltigkeit im Deutschlandtourismus: Wohin geht die Reise?“ on September 22nd 2021. See the key messages below:



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German Environment Agency (UBA), Germany

geographic scope:



Thomas Dworak
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